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Following the Covid 19 lockdown, Imaginarium community actors past and present were invited to participate in an exciting online drama and film project working with Royal Shakespeare Company Associate Director Michael Corbidge and Imaginarium Artistic Director Gaynor La Rocca to explore Shakespeare monologues in domestic or lockdown settings and situations and develop skills in voice and text analysis.

Michael led the company through an 8 week exploration of voice and text on Zoom, whilst artistic direction, editing and media support was provided by Gaynor and the Imaginarium team. The outcome is an imaginative library of short films has been created by the community actors on their mobile phones. Click the link to view the films.

The Seven Ages of Care

The Seven Ages of Care

The Seven Ages of Care

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The Seven Ages of Care’ is a poetic film created by associate artist Holly Blue with Imaginarium Theatre, inspired by Shakespeare’s '7 ages of Man' monologue (from As You Like It) and community responses to a series of questions posted online about Care during


This project was created for the Heart of Glass ‘Compendium of Care’ and is supported by Arts Council England, the Shakespeare North Playhouse and Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council.

Seven Ages of Care

All the World's

a Stage