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Ten most common mistakes pressure washers owners make

Most shoppers would agree with us that the highest-rated power washers are the most reliable and durable ones. While there are many buying guides on how to pick the right pressure washer, many users are still not equipped with a proper using instruction. Why not let us take you through a list of most common mistakes that pressure washers owners often make? You would know how to avoid making the same mistakes after reading this post. So read on then!

1. Use too much pressure that it’s dangerous.

Even though pressure washing saves your time and energy, its powerful spray can be extremely hazardous when misused. If you stand too close to the surfaces you’re cleaning; your pressure washer can etch the concrete walls or strip paints. Therefore, it’s best to keep the spray wand 18 inches away from the cleaning surfaces.

In case you misdirect the spray gun, pressure washers can instantly lacerate your skin and flesh, injure your eyes, or even cause worse injuries. Therefore, we recommend users wear safety glasses, closed-toe shoes, and clothes that cover your arms and legs.

2. Forget to protect your plants

It’s best to protect your garden with a tarp so that you will not leave burn marks on leaves and flowers. Another tip is to wet down all your plants with a garden hose so that your plantings will not dry down.

3. Pressure wash painted surfaces

Washing painted doors or walls is one of the most common mistakes that many people make. Power washing can nick the paint, which will eventually damage your paint. Given this, it’s best to use the 15-degree spray nozzle on paint. However, if your painted windows or doors have been exposed to sunlight for years, then do not pressure wash them. Some old painted surfaces can’t withstand even the low pressure of water.

4. Use only water

Pressure washer reviews or buying guides usually include both hot and cold power washers. While hot washers users do not need to use chemicals, cold washers users need to use chemicals when they clean mold, grease, or automotive fluids. Therefore, using only water for pressure washing can be a big mistake as it makes your cleaning tasks more difficult. When you power wash mold on multiple surfaces of your space, you might end up spreading the mold if you only use water.

5. Power wash vehicles

While some top power washers are advertised as safe to use on cars, we would be very cautious about washing the car with a pressure washer. We believe it’s best to use a low-pressure nozzle for car cleaning. The reason is the powerful water spray can cause small dents, which will eventually lead to rust. Ideally, we would use the garden hose to clean our vehicles.

6. Power wash outdoor lighting

It’s tempting to pressure wash outdoor light bulbs when you’re cleaning your patio or driveways. Even though outdoor landscape lighting is built to withstand rain and adverse weather conditions, it’s risky to power wash them. Given this, avoid using pressure washers to clean these light bulbs. Otherwise, you’ll end up cracking them or causing other damages that might cost you a lot of money for fixing or reinstalling.

The bottom line

Top-rated power washers need to be used correctly to ensure its durability and users' safety. We hope our above six most common mistakes have helped you to use your pressure washer better. Click share if you like this post, and feel free to leave us your comments below.


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